When it comes to coaching, you need a very individual approach in order to get the best out of every individual. My sessions start with the individual itself, what kind of person are you, what kind of musical voice do you have, what is your dream and how to broaden your spectrum of sounds, styles and abilities. Together with you we will work with techniques from Kenny Werner's Effortless Mastery, EVTS, CVT and my personal method Mindful Improvisation to find your true sound. Its important to fully master the 'instrument' and be the 'instrument that plays the instrument', so that the music plays itself. When we have a conversation we rarely want to 'sound good' but once we are making music the desire of sounding good all of a sudden gets in the way of the natural flow of the sound. Getting rid of this desire helps to free up the instrument/voice so that the natural sounds are able to come out. From there we can start working on expanding technique, repertoire and harmonic and melodic understanding.