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Effortless Mastery

Effortless Mastery can be applied to all levels and instruments, Vivienne is available to teach all instruments, styles and levels. Group size does influence the setting, for example; 

  • One-on-one private session: focus on the four steps of Effortless Mastery (30 minutes-2 hours)
  • Small group sessions (2-10 people); focus on the four steps of Effortless Mastery and will include group exercises on the instrument (1 to 2 hours)
  • Big group lecture (10 - 100 people); will be a 45-60 minute lecture about the ins and outs of Effortless Mastery (includes powerpoint presentation)
  • Spontaneous choir; (from 4 people to 50) vocalists and non-vocalist welcome since it involves not ‘musical’ exercises but ‘mental’ exercises. (1 to 2 hours)